Betting On Soccer Guide

What Is The Most Popular Sport In The World?

What Is The Most Popular Sport To Place Bets On In The World?

These questions have the same answer; soccer. Soccer is dominating the betting market.

  • Step 1: Learn the Basics of Sports Betting
  • Step 2: Know The Different Types of Soccer Bets (Key soccer betting markets explained)
  • Step 3: Decide Which Betting Markets to Focus On
  • Step 4: Understand Key Factors Affecting Soccer Matches
  • Step 5: Avoid Mistakes

Always Have A Budget

Managing your bankroll is a vital skill for all types of gambling. Soccer is unpredictable. The one thing you do have control over is how much money you invest into it. It does not matter how good you are, or think you are, you should always have a budget.

Stick To What You Know

The number of soccer teams and leagues to bet on increases every day. It can appear slightly overwhelming, even for experienced bettors. With all this expansion, and bookmakers covering more leagues and games, you might get tempted to wager on teams you have no knowledge about. We strongly recommend to only bet on teams your familiar with. Don`t be afraid to learn about new teams and leagues around the world, but focus on gaining knowledge and insights before you actually place bets.

Ignore Tipsters

Following tipsters is a lazy approach to becoming a successful bettor. Most of them are not even close to being an expert (roughly 1% of so called tipsters are successful). We suggest to focus on gaining your own knowledge thru reading and experiencing in small learning by doing operations on your own. Don`t be afraid to fail, the biggest losers in this world are quitters.

Study Forums

The importance of forming your own opinions can not be stressed enough. Forums where fans discuss their teams are by far the best forums to read and study. They provide invaluable useful information regarding individual players and teams. Still, most people does not win all the time, keep that in mind.

Invest Time As Well As Money

The more time you invest on getting the information and knowledge, the more effort put into selecting winning bets, the more money is going to be made. The bookmakers spend 24 hours around the clock for you to not be a winning customer, so spending as much time as possible searching for relevant factors, opportunities, value creating an edge should be a number 1 priority.

Analyzing Performances & Stats

Anyway, there is no need to be a soccer expert to be able to make money from betting on soccer games. You can obtain some level of success if you manage to put together a strategy and spending time studying statistics, line ups and willingness to learn how to analyze teams performances. The more detailed your “investigation” is, analyzing the teams, putting as much detail into your calculation and understanding the probability of each outcome to happen in each case, will increase the chance of a winning bet accordingly.

Key Soccer Markets Explained

In total most bookmakers today offer more than 100 different betting markets per match. Overall for sports betting, soccer estimates to about 60% of the market. The vast majority of soccer bets are placed online. Online sports betting have made a huge impact regarding the expanding number of soccer betting markets available to bettors today. Anyway the most fundamental basic markets that each bookmaker always release first and foremost are the following:

Full Time Result:

Betting on the full time result in a soccer game is the most popular market to bet on soccer. It`s also one of the easiest and most straightforward markets.

Double Chance:

Selecting two out of the three possible outcomes and improve your chances of winning by reducing the odds. The options are as follows:

1 or X: The bet wins if there’s a Home Win or Draw.

1  or 2: The bet wins if either team wins the match.

X or 2: The bet wins if there’s a Draw or an Away Win

Total Goals (Over/Under):

Betting on total goals, or betting the over/under, is very popular in soccer. All you have to do is to predict the total number of goals scored in a game will be higher or lower than a specified amount. 

Draw No Bet:

One of the more safer bets. You have to choose one of the teams to win, and you get the stake back if the game ends up being a draw. Another way of putting it, is saying that the bet will be void/cancelled if there is a draw.

Asian Handicap:

The main betting market used in Asia. It`s becoming increasingly more popular in Europe. Instead of offering reduced odds, a goal handicap is placed on the weaker team, that has to be exceeded by the stronger team in order to confirm the bet and vice versa. The most obvious difference of an Asian handicap, is that it reduces the three possible outcomes of a football match, to two. For example, if you bet for a -1,5 handicap you will either win if your chosen team wins by two goals or more, or lose in any other case.

Correct Score:

A correct score bet is a wager on the exact final score of a soccer match. This is way more difficult than simply predicting which team is going to win the game.

Half Time Result & Half Time/Full Time:

With this type of bet you must correctly predict the outcome of both the Half Time and Full Time results. There are nine different options to choose from (Home-Home, Home-Draw, Home-Away, Draw-Home, Draw-Draw, Draw-Away, Away-Home, Away-Draw, Away-Away) and the added risk is accordingly reflected on the improved odds.