Betting On Basketball Guide

Basketball Betting – A Fun Way To Bet

While football is the undisputed king in online betting, basketball is more fun if you ask some punters. That’s mostly thanks to the popularity of the NBA and the global reach of stars such as LeBron James and Stephen Curry among many others.

Betting on basketball can be done on dozens of markets, including outrights, match winners, and spreads. What you choose will definitely have an impact on your chances to win. Spreads, for example, are not for beginners, yet they can be a simple way to score money once you get the hang of them.

Unlike football, basketball is a much more fast-paced sport. It can be influenced by many factors, including the ranking of the teams and the players’ stats. Always backing the favorite is not the right kind of approach. As a matter of fact, the NBA season is pretty long, and favorites tend to lose due to different factors, even against the lowest-ranked teams.

Of course, it’s not just the NBA you can bet on. Basketball betting is also available on:

  • Euroleague
  • World Championships
  • European Championships
  • Spain’s ACV League
  • Turkish Basketball League

In order to get the most out of basketball bets, you need to do your homework before you put the money down.

Study The Form Of Teams And Players

This goes double if you bet on the NBA. It’s a highly competitive league, so star players tend to get injured. When they make their returns, they’re often a tad slower than before until they get in shape. The odds for a team like the Lakers with LeBron James returning from injury are not the same as their odds when he’s in great shape.

The same goes for the teams. A team’s form differs before and after the All-Star break and in the regular season and playoffs.

Don’t Just Stick To The Moneyline Odds

The basketball betting world runs pretty deep. There’s no point in sticking to moneyline and outright odds only. Spreads are a great way to earn some cash, and so are individual award bets.

Study Individual Players Current Form

When a player is sick, out of form, small injuries etc, this needs to crucial information to get your hands on. Bookmakers have different rules regarding voiding/settling bets due to when players resign in a match for several reasons.

Study The Statistics

Studying the stats for basketball bets might look like hard work, but it’s important if you want to get good at it. Many stars carry a grudge against an opponent and are more likely to explode in that match. Some players love to play in Madison Square Garden in New York – that’s where major stars have scored over 50 or 60 points.

If you’re betting on individuals, these kinds of stats can go a long way to scoring your slip.

Key Basketball Markets Explained

Outright Betting

Outrights are the simplest and most common basketball bet type. Just like in any other sport, this is a bet that you place on the favorite to win the NBA league, the Euroleague, or some other event or competition.

These lines are usually available early before the new season begins. For example, you can pick the Lakers to win the NBA title next season once the odds are available.


Moneyline wagers are simple bets that allow you to choose the winner of the match. In basketball betting, they are mostly represented in the moneyline format. The favorites are represented with a – sign, while the underdog has a + sign in front of the number.

For example, the Lakers at -300 will be favorites against the Knicks at +200. Betting on the Lakers indicates how much you should risk to win $100 – in this case, a $300 bet will bring you $100 in profit (total of $400).

With the underdogs, betting $100 on the Knicks will bring you a $200 profit.


Spreads are a fun way to bet on basketball. It’s one of the preferred way to bet on NBA matches. They level the field between two teams with an obvious difference in quality.

Using the aforementioned example, the Lakers will be favorites against the Knicks with a +10 spread. In order to win your bet, they must win by a margin of 10 points or more.

The Knicks will be underdogs with a -10 spread but can deliver better profit. They can lose the game by less than 10 points, and you’ll still win your slip.


Basketball betting futures are quite popular these days, especially online. As the name suggests, these are odds on future events – for example, betting on who wins the NBA MVP. Outrights are a form of futures betting, except in that case you’ll be picking the future NBA champ.