Betting On Tennis Guide

Tennis Betting = Value Betting

Value = (Probability * Decimal Odds) – 1

Placing bets on tennis should focus on value. The long term approach is key to coming out on top. To achieve this, stay away from many consecutive bets on pre match favorites etc.

Sticking to this rule can make tennis a difficult sport to profit from. We strongly recommend it though. It requires much more effort than other sports in terms of value hunting. Backing the favorite in matches, several times with a low value based odds just to gain a small profit is not the best way to bet. Still some will disagree with our point of view, so the decision is yours to make.

The Court

There are three surfaces.

  • Hard-Court
  • Clay-Court
  • Grass

Players have their own preferred type of court. In many cases it`s not enough with a great performance, if the surface is not right, it will most likely affect the outcome of the match.

Head To Head

Favored surfaces and previous history between players does matter. If someone has record of winning eight out of ten times against someone, the chances are much greater for that to happen again, then not to.

Study Individual Players Current Form

When a player is sick, out of form, small injuries etc, this needs to crucial information to get your hands on. Bookmakers have different rules regarding voiding/settling bets due to when players resign in a match for several reasons.

Study The Statistics

Statistics can be found for free online. You should first of all look at previous games and match information. Secondly and probably most importantly, look at as many small detailed elements of each players game, like for example; first serve win percentage, break point abilities. There are many other statistical parameters you can implement to your analyzes. Adding your own twist of elements will form your own tactics.

Sign Up To Several Bookmakers

Since you are chasing value, don`t limit your chances of achieving this. Make sure to only trust bookmakers recommended by betvital.

Key Tennis Markets Explained

Outright Betting

This is betting on the one you think will win the tournament.

Match Betting

The most basic market. Match betting is a single match bet where you bet on the winner or the loser.

Handicap Betting

Tennis handicap betting is pretty much the same as spread betting on American sports.

We categorize the handicaps into game handicaps and set handicaps. One of the players is given a number of sets or games as a handicap to level the playing field.

Over/Under Betting

Betting on the number of sets or games that will be played in the match. It`s a two way market centered on deciding if you think the number of sets or games will be more or less than the number offered.

Correct Score

Predicting the exact final result in a match. Like for example 2-0 or 1-2.